Five Property Trends for 2021

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As we enter 2021 the world will be a very different place from a year ago. Many property, space planning and interior trends have been accelerated as a result of the pandemic. We’re striving to change things as quickly as possible and embracing the possibilities of a rapid evolution in the relationship we have with our homes.

Outside Space

The pandemic lockdowns made those people with gardens and outside spaces truly appreciate how important it is to get outside. Even those with no outside space took every chance to visit their local parks. And we all became avid Gardeners’ World watchers.

The impact of this has been a boom in the housing market, seeing people up sticks and move to houses and flats with outside space and to properties in the country with gardens. This looks like a trend which is here to stay and the movement looks likely to be sustained in 2021 with the help of the Chancellor’s reduction in stamp duty on property purchases.

Working from Home

With the advent of a seismic shift in the number of people working from home, defined work spaces and studies have become valuable assets. The kitchen table, the edge of the bed and the corner of the landing have had their moment. Whether we all end up working from home permanently, or even for a few days a week, a corner for a desk and chair plus a good internet connection have shot up the list of must-haves for a lot of people.

Defined Spaces

When you’re sharing you space with your flatmates, your family, friends and children 24-7, walls are a necessity. We probably won’t see the end of the gorgeous open plan kitchen-dining areas with ubiquitous sliding doors opening on to the back garden. However, we are likely to see a shift away from completely open plan living, allowing for discrete study and living areas so that, where space permits, households can spend time apart as well as together.

Accidental multi-generational houses have also become a fixture as twenty-somethings have moved back in with their parents, sometimes permanently.


When you’re living and working in the same space, storage becomes disproportionately important. During the lockdowns many people seized the opportunity to sort out thouses and streamline their belongings following advice from the stars of the moment, Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch. Efficient, and beautiful, storage took centre stage.  Plus, as we’re all now zoom experts, the curated bookshelf is something to be honed further and enjoyed during 2021.

Design & Decoration

The freshly painted house is likely to be a continuing theme in 2021. Paint manufacturers have been rushed off their feet as everyone refreshes their walls and completes those long-awaiting decorating projects.

Dulux’s 2021 colour of the year is Brave Ground, a warm earthy shade which connects with nature, instilling a feeling of stability, growth and potential; just what we need. Farrow and Ball have also noted that “we have moved away from dark charcoals and towards the warmer tones of nature which are both luxurious and soothing”.  Even kitchen manufacturers have noticed the move towards warmer greens and blues and away from the stark white that was popular until recently.

It’ll be interesting to see how these trends evolve during 2021, and what the ‘new norm’ will look like when the dust has settled.

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